How To Get a Bigger Penis – Penis Enlargement Guide

How To Get a Bigger Penis

Due to numerous researches and studies by reputable organizations and individuals, it has been accurately determined that penis exercises can effectively increase penis size as well as improve sexual performance.

However, it should be understood from the very start that penis enlargement even with exercises takes some time and patience is necessary. On average, three months should suffice. Natural penis enlargement is preferred to surgery, pumps and extender because it lacks undesirable side effects.

The following is a comprehensive how to get a bigger penis – penis enlargement guide.

Before you start

The following are some of the things that need to be considered before commencing penis enlargement exercises:

Pubic hair

Pubic hair can prove to be a nuisance during penis enlargement sessions. That is why it is important to cut them off before beginning the exercises. Shaving cream should be used to avoid any bruises or bumps on the skin.

Measure penis

Measuring the penis before one begins enlargement exercises will facilitate easy tracking of progress in the future. A ruler can be used to get the measurement. The measurements should be for both a flaccid as well as for an erect penis.

The main reason for doing this is that the penis enlargement exercises should increase the size of both a flaccid and an erect penis. The measurements should be taken from the side of the penis for a high level of accuracy.

The penis girth should be measured using a piece of string or measuring string. Pick a single spot and take note of it as you will use it to gauge your progress in future.


It is highly recommended that one keeps a progress journal. It should contain starting size, current size and goal size of both the length and the girth. The list of all exercises, the warm up method and the intensity are also critical records.


It is equally important to get lubrication for the enlargement exercises. Lubrication will prevent irritation and it will provide the right grip during intensity control. Lubrication should preferably be water-based.


The following are a few penis enlargement exercises that come highly recommended:
The kegel – Kegel exercises increase penis size, improve quantity of semen, provide multiple orgasm and improve blood flow. This exercises only requires the mind, no lubrication or hands are needed. It can also be performed anywhere and anytime. It serves to strengthen the pelvic muscles that directly affect sex and the penis. It is performed as follows:

  • The pelvic muscle should be located by urinating and stopping midway without any contact whatsoever.
  • The exercises itself is the same as the method used to locate the pelvic muscle. 3 sets of 20 reps each

should be aimed at every day. The 20 reps should be spaced out during a day i.e. morning, midday and evening.

The reps performed should be increased according to the comfort level of an individual.

Stretching – This exercise is effective in increasing the length of the penis. It requires lubrication to avoid skin irritation and pain. It has 2 variations i.e. the twirl method and pull and snap method.

The pull and slap method requires one to create an OK sign with the forefinger of their left hand and thumb. The top of the penis should be held.

The penis should then be moved in left, right, upward and downward positions for approximately 20 seconds before slapping the penis into the left hand fifteen times and the right leg fifteen times.

The twirl method needs an individual to create an OK sign with the forefinger of the left hand as well as the thumb. The top of the penis should be held. The penis should then be slowly and gently be moved in left, right, upward and downward positions. Finish up by rotating the penis in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, each five times.

Another popular enlargement exercise is jelqing which comes in tow variables i.e. wet and dry.


The above information about How To Get a Bigger Penis – Penis Enlargement Guide is proof enough that increasing the size of the penis naturally is possible and should be the most popular method due to safety reasons. Ensure to incorporate warm up and warm down exercises in your enlargement routine.