Make Cum Taste Good – Secrets Exposed

Make Cum Taste Good – Secrets Exposed

Today I’m gonna teach you how to make your cum taste good yep, another important thing to spice up your bed sessions with your partner. This simple advices will make your cum taste good and it won’t be long until you make your partner swallow your finger lickin-good man juice.

But before that, let us first discover the ingredients of our homemade cocktail. Actually, cum is made of only 1% sperm, 90% proteins and fructose (sugar) while the rest is nutrients and other minerals. Cum only has 12 to 15 calories per serving errrr.. I mean ejaculation the same amount found in egg white, so it’s very important that you point out to your partner that swallowing cum does not make them FAT nor turn the color of their pee into blue.

Common tastes of cum is salty and bitter so unless your partner likes the taste of bat stew you should definitely make your cum taste and smell good. One thing you could do is to avoid alcohol and nicotine, as my grandma always said “what goes in goes out” and because cum is excreted from the body it’s common sense that the taste and odor of it is affected by what we eat.

Drink fruit juices yes, this is the most effective and proven way to make your cum taste good especially fruits that are high in fructose (sugar) like:

  • Mango
  • Grape
  • Apple
  • Melon
  • Banana
  • Cranberry

And many other but the fruit juice that has really made my cum taste good is pineapple, I drink it in the morning or the day before sex and after that it’s all good. Vegetables like celery, parsley and tomato also helps.

Foods that make your cum taste and smell like Larry King’s feet

Red meat and foods that are high in alkaline like fish will make your cum taste bitter and that fishy smell. Onion and garlic is good for the body but it will make your cum distasteful, I suggest that you monitor your intakes in this kinds of foods. Drink naturally fermented alcohol rather than those chemically-processed ones, my advice is to drink grape wine.

Bonus Advice

Now, combine that better tasting semen with a high volume of it and you got yourself a treat for your partner he/she can’t refuse.

A great tip to increase the volume of your cum is to drink lots of water or any fluids. As an added boost, you can take a natural supplement that has horny goat weed, I use it and it has made me a pornstar in bed (if you know what I mean). The best and only supplement that I use is an all-natural supplement called VigRX Plus, you can check it out here!

Thank you for reading and good luck in your sex life, be happy…you deserve it!